New mission Bobo – 2021

Dear friends,
Here comes the time to come home, to the country of the standing men, for a new mission, a bit longer this time : 5 months!
While waiting for departure, here is a little gift, found in the archives of the last session Bobo – 2020. The true sound of life, captured while threshing in december 2020 in Wolonkoto. Let’s dive!

Threshing mil in Wolonkoto, December 2020 – authentic Bobo groove of life

Panamasso, a new standing village!

The village of Panamasso, locate 20 miles from Bobo-Dioulasso, wishes to join VD and the former villages to push its autonomy up. Following first very positive exchanges, the whole village agreed to team up!

First step: formalizing the partnership with VD, meaning creating the association, with representatives from all sides,elders, women, youth, for an increased legitimity.

1 st meeting with Panamasso, traditional chiefs and the youth. 17th of December, 2020

The Highschool: inaugurated!

Inauguration with the mayor of 7th arr. of Bobo, on the 12th of December 2020. Quick reminder: the project as born on the 17th of December 2019 in Wolonkoto. the school was built in 6 months, for a third of the original budget, co-financed by  » The onepercent fund for development« , ie 15 million CFA (23’000 €). The administration opened it in October 2020, one month after « white glove » delivery by VD. Someone said « miracle »?! Yes indeed!
Traditional masks came out for the official opening, to celebrate and bless such a huge step forward.
Extensive cleaning the day before the inauguration

Race against time!

The College of Wolokoto has started!

Right after the first stone was set, the work has started. Fabrication of bricks and preparation of the foundations. The town hall is building a bridge to ease the access to the village and the school. Everyone is fully committed!

Women bringing water for the making of the bricks
The bridge is being built by the municipality of Bobo7

Snowball effect

Since the parents mobilized last 27th of February, enthusiasm has gone through the roof! On the 3rd of March, local authorities, along with those of Bobo, the national press, teachers representatives, everybody showed up at the Village to lay down the first brick, by M. Mayor himself and our beloved president.

Pressure keeps going up, for the funds to come up on time, so that the college can open in September already!!!
The Mayor of the 7th district of Bobo-Dioulasso, and the VD team.
Burkina Info, the press, on mission, interviewing our president, Soumana Sanou.
In front of the cement for the bricks, everyone rejoices for the project, the vitality and infatuation it drives!
The ceremony goes on under the tent, with speeches and many blessings.